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What we do

QV Australia is the leading provider of rating and taxation valuation services to the New South Wales Valuer General.

What is a rating value?

Rating valuations reflect the unimproved land value of a property, which are used by local government for the basis of assigning rates for the year ahead. They are made in accordance with the requirements of the New South Wales Valuation of Land Act 1916, requiring our team of highly-skilled registered valuers to assess land values as at 1 July each year.

How it affects rates

Councils receive updated valuations on a cyclical basis, which they use as one of many factors to allocate rates. In addition, the Office of State Revenue will also receive updated valuations annually for all land tax liable land, which it will use for the assessment of land tax.

Landowners are advised of these valuations through a Notice of Valuation, which is issued by the Valuer General.

For more information about how rating valuations work – including frequently asked questions and objections – please visit the website of the Valuer General of NSW

Visit the Valuer General site for more information

Why QV Australia

We believe that quality assurance is the cornerstone to providing a fair and equitable base for rating and taxation. That’s why we invest a considerable amount of time, money, and effort into ensuring the quality and accuracy of all our work.

But what truly puts us at the forefront of the rating valuation space in New South Wales is our team of highly-skilled local property experts, business analysts, database administrators, and more. Our people are at the heart of everything we do

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